A Welcome Message from the Desk of Todd Anderson…

Thank you very much for visiting our website, and welcome to Anderson Tax & Finance Law, LLC.

I am humbled and grateful for the extraordinary support, enthusiasm and encouragement of my family, friends, clients and industry colleagues throughout my career spanning more than 18 years and during the months leading up to our official launch.  Without your support, enthusiasm and encouragement, Anderson Tax & Finance Law would not be possible.

Today is an exciting time for the financial industry and the legal community that supports it.  The unprecedented challenges, regulatory uncertainty and market volatility require industry leaders and market participants to rethink and reinvent “business as usual.”  The economics and structures of deals are changing.  Deal risks must be addressed, managed and mitigated more than ever before.

Anderson Tax & Finance Law – boasting one of the very few seasoned structured finance tax lawyers with extensive investment fund, REIT, REMIC, real estate and mortgage experience in the industry – has 100% of the tax tools that clients need in this environment to develop new platforms, ventures, structures and procedures to drive economics and manage and mitigate risk.

Our mission at Anderson Tax & Finance Law is to deliver best-in-class legal service, on time, for a reasonable price.  In this vein, we are happy to serve you in any capacity, and will happily team with other law firms to meet your special needs.

We welcome and urge all industry participants, including other lawyers and law firms, seeking our specialized tax expertise to pick up the telephone and call us today.

Let’s work together to create opportunity out of all of today’s challenges, uncertainty and volatility.



Todd S. Anderson
Direct Dial: 646-942-0311
Website: http://andersontaxandfinance.com/
Bio: http://andersontaxandfinance.com/attorney-profile/

61 Massachusetts Avenue, PO Box 205, Hyannis Port, MA 02647

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